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List of Documents and Procedures for foreign applicants

I. For obtaining invitation
  1. Foreigners - candidates for obtaining education in ONMU - shall submit the following documents:

    1. application Annex I;
    2. copy of the passport;
    3. copy of the education documents with the list of studied courses (subjects) and received grades (points) verified by embassy of Ukraine;
    4. Consent to personal data collection and processing Annex II.

    All document send by е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    ONMU determines the need for translation of the documents into the Ukrainian language, as well as the interview, if possible in the on-line mode.

    II. For admission to ONMU
    1. 2 copy of the passport translated into the Ukrainian language;
    2. original and copy of the education documents with the list of studied courses (subjects) and received grades (points) verified by embassy of Ukraine;
    3. Preparatory course Certificate;
    4. Medical insurance;
    5. 10 photographs having the size of 3,5 x 4,5;

    All documents are submitted personally by the applicant to the admission office of the University.

  2. Persons, who enter the postgraduate studies or studies for obtaining doctor's degree, shall additionally submit a list of the published scientific-research works with the specification of a place of publishing, and such works shall be certified by a head of educational institution, organization at the place of work.

    Postgraduates, who have no published works, shall submit research papers (reports) in the area of the scientific profession selected by them.

    When admitting to the studies for taking doctor's degree, the following documents shall submitted additionally:

    1. comprehensive plan of a dissertation work for taking the scientific degree of a doctor of science;
    2. copy of the diploma on awarding the scientific degree of a candidate of science.
  3. Documents set forth in Articles 1 and 2 shall be in the Ukrainian language, and documents set forth in paragraphs "c" of Article 1 and paragraph "b" of Article 2 shall, in addition, be certified pursuant to the legislation of a country of their origin and legalized pursuant to the established order, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements of Ukraine.


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